About the Blog

Jurassic Book PhotoHowdy!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I love reading, reviewing, and sharing [read: fan-girling] over all the books.

My favorite genres are YA Fantasy and Contemporaries. I also enjoy: YA Fiction, Historical Fiction, Thrillers, and Self-help books (though I’m super picky about that last category!).

I focus on shorter reviews, basically blabbing like I would to my husband about how much I loved…or didn’t love the book! I also like to put in a note about the language, love scenes, and gore. As a Mom myself, I understand the need to know what you’re allowing your child to read. I feel it helps to know without having to read the book yourself (which can be daunting if you have a bookworm in your life).

Please let me know if you have an ARC or a book you’d like me to look into reviewing. My contact e-mail is: bookreviewsontherun[at]gmail.com

Thank you and happy reading!

Professional Reader